Taradale is a community in the North East of Calgary that was founded in 1961. The community has grown to a population of 19330 people according to the survey conducted in 2016. It consists of many schools, parks, and a Taradale community association.
Taradale has a flat landscape with a vast area covered in greenery and 2 beautiful ponds with walking tracks to please the passers. The area has many job opportunities for its residents which accounts for the low unemployment rate. Most of the residents speak different languages and have different ethnicity but this has never affected the peace and friendship that prevails in the society. 63% population of the society includes immigrants from different parts of the world, this has not stopped us from working towards a better Taradale. We strive to provide equal opportunities to all our locals no matter which country they came from.
The schools and educational schools are present all over the area which account for the fact that 78% of the people were striving for at least High school studies. Our services are open to all our citizens, be a part of Taradale to experience the change.