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Taradale is an inter-city community that lies in the North East quadrant of Calgary, Alberta Canada. It is located to the east of 68 Street E, to the south by 64 Avenue N, and to the West of Falconridge Boulevard. At the West of the Taradale you will find The Calgary International Airport, which will make it easy for the locals to commute from one city to another.
Taradale has a flat topography with a gradual slope from the Northeast to the South West. It was annexed to Calgary in 1961 but development did not start until 1984. Taradale has a low-density population and most of the land is undeveloped. Taradale aims to create a feeling of brotherhood among the people. Also, it believes in sustaining the health and wellbeing of the people regardless of their gender or nationality
The community offers a peaceful place for a living with many green spaces to please the eyes. Taradale has two beautiful ponds with walkways around the pond providing an excellent opportunity for residents to enjoy the weather. There are 6 schools present in the area to provide quality education to the people. These schools are scattered all over the area so that it’s easily reachable by the residents. High-quality services such as carpet cleaning, mat sales, and other home services are provided by Green Ingenuity. Everything is available at walking distance so that the residents don’t have to face the discomfort of going out of society.

Taradale Association

Taradale Community Association is a group created by the local volunteers from the community who have the drive to make Taradale the best place to live. The Association is a non-profitable organization created by the people and for the people. It does everything possible to ensure a safe, friendly, and welcoming environment for its residents. TCA works with the residents to deal with and solve the problem pertaining the society.
The members volunteer themselves from the community itself, this gives them an edge to understand the problems and requirements of the locals. TCA provides a platform for people to raise their voices and share concerns. Pupils of TCA have a systematic way in which they address the people’s problems and issues that are present in the society. The Association seeks to empower the people so that they can realize that change starts with them and addresses the following problems:
· Identify and take measures to solve resident’s problems · Act in a manner to safeguard the environment
· Organize community-based programs for people of all ages
· Provide insurance to the deserving families
· Review and analyze the progress of development plans
· Communicate the problems of the community to its residents
· Empower people to act as responsible community members
· Represent Taradale society in the outside world

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